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Bridging the Americas – Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor

“When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor,
a lasting peace will reign in the Americas
and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity.”

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Elders Gather to Usher in

Peace and Unity

Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca, Peru
March 19 – 23, 2007

An incredible event will take place in Peru over the Spring Equinox 2007. Elders from Indigenous tribes of the Americas will gather at Lake Titicaca to council and listen to our Mother Earth, the Pachamama, and perform ceremony and ritual that will beckon in the prophesied Age of Peace, 500 years of unity and shared vision between peoples who have, for the last 500 years of Darkness, been scattered and oppressed. When the peoples of the Americas once again unite, the prophecy states, it will create worldwide transformation, allowing all of humanity to move from the depths of war into the light of peace.

Elders of Peru, keepers of this Incan vision, say that it is time for the Condor (South America) to reunite with the Eagle (North and Central America). Their mission is to formally and ritually bind the Indigenous tribes across the Americas together, for when these, the gatekeepers of our land, speak as One, the energy of their shared vision will spread to all of the tribes of Earth.

Rituals and ceremony for healing the suffering carried by the People is a vital aspect of this work, for only through forgiveness and deep healing can the Age of Darkness truly be released and the Age of Peace be welcomed in its place. When this is accomplished, the prize is a deeper and more lasting peace than many of us have ever known. It is world-changing when barriers of separation are dropped, the past is forgiven, and the People stand as One. It is the destiny of the Americas to begin this blessed transformation on the Spring Equinox 2007.

Elders from all tribes are being called to participate in this extraordinary, historic and profound event! Some will travel to Peru in March for Council and ceremony in person. Others will stay on their own land, using ritual and ceremony to anchor the energies of healing and unity over all the power places on Earth. Many will offer bundles and resolutions, stating the fulfillment of their own tribal prophecies and pledging unity
with those in Peru who are bringing this vision to life. All peoples are invited to pray and heal themselves during this time, wherever they may be.

The Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Medicine People and Historians need our support to bring about this sacred transition for Earth and Humanity. Prayers and intentions are the most important contribution anyone can make, and these are asked of anyone whose heart longs for peace and unity. The gathering will be supported by participants from around the world and will also serve as a forum for cultural exchange and teaching as well cultural arts performances, such as the Eagle and Condor dances.

Earth Works for Humanity/Institute for Cultural Awareness is a 501c (3) non-profit organization coordinating the Eagle tribes of North and Central America. To learn more about how to support the gathering by attending and/or sponsoring and Elder please continue going through the following information.

Gathering Coordinators:

Adam “Yellowbird” DeArmon has traveled the world extensively working, learning and growing with many different indigenous tribes. He is the founder of the Institute for Cultural Awareness and Global Earth Dance 8 Gatherings. His vision of Earth Dance 8 has brought thousands of people together of all colors, races, and spiritual backgrounds to celebrate and dance around the world. Adam also helps people explore the inner healing of the heart, dreams, and spirit. Adam is bringing the multi-cultural vision of all people coming together as one for unity and healing of our Mother Earth. He believes we are Earth Keepers of our Mother and we must take care of her as she takes care of us; the people.


Jorge Luis Delgado is the author of the newly released book Andean Awakening. Jorge is a very knowledgeable in the cultural and historical aspects of the great diversity that makes up Peru. He has worked in tourism for many years, operating his own company and training other guides. In addition, Jorge trained from an early age with the Kallahuayas shamen of Lake Titicaca; he has also studied with the Q’ero Elders of the Cusco region and other ritual specialists. Jorge is the re-discoverer of Aramu Muru’s Doorway, an ancient power spot near Lake Titicaca.

Mark Amaru Pinkham is an author, researcher, and metaphysical teacher. He has been traveling and leading tours to Peru since 1993, and is intimately familiar with the sacred sites. Mark has studied over the years in Peru with various Andean shamen; he apprenticed with one of them for 3 years. Mark is the author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, which contains leading-edge research about the mysterious Incan and pre-Incan history and esoteric teachings.


Pre-Gathering Arrival for Elders: Lake Titicaca

Invited Elders from South, Central and North America are encouraged to arrive in Lima on Friday, March 16, where they will transfer to a flight to the Lake Titicaca are so that they can meet in council on March 17 and 18 and the morning of March 19 to discuss the gatherings and ceremonies prior to joining the other participants and supporters attending the gathering on March 19.