As a student of the school of shamanic thought i was granted the opportunity to do a power animal retrieval ceremony last year.

To the beat of a drum I lay on the floor relaxed with my eyes closed. My teacher guided me through a small visualization. I visualized myself traveling into a hole in the ground and through a tunnel within the earth. I travelled through the tunnel until i saw a pin point of light. My teacher now left me alone with the beat of the drum as i saw a pinpoint of light and followed it. I crawled out of the tunnel and found myself in a field with random trees and a forest on the far site. I saw animals everywhere, mostly birds. A hummingbird vividly appeared to me. I walked through the field exploring the new world i was in. I saw another hummingbird. I walked along and saw many other animals but once again the hummingbird appeared to me, and finally again for a forth time. I asked the hummingbird, “are you my power animal”. Suddenly i entered the hummingbird’s body. I felt the beautiful joy and magic of this small bird and saw beautiful pink and purple flowers everywhere.

The answer was clearly YES.

I left the hummingbird’s body and watched it fly about me. I grabbed the tiny bird in my arms and carried it back up the tunnel as the beat if the drum sped up. We flew so fast up and out of the hole in the ground that i had originally entered.

Slowly i can back to reality clutching my chest and the memory of the tiny bird in it. A shaman came to me and asked if i had found my power animal. I nodded, he asked what it was. “Hummingbird” i replied still groggy from my trance-like journey. He smiled and told me to hold the image of the bird in my minds eye and that he would as well. As i held the image in my mind he blew into the top of my head and sealed my auric field with a few shakes of his gourde. Now the hummingbird is with me.

I see her (the hummingbird) often in visions and while in ceremony. My friend as saw a little luminecent humming bird flying over my head once and i often hear the vibration and hum of her wings when i am in ceremony, meditaion or prayer.

The hummingbird was a very sacred animal to the Maya and Inka peoples. The hummingbird’s medicine is pure joy and beauty as well as magik. She also brings with her the wisdom of flower essences and how to heal with flower essences.

I am very grateful to have her with me. She carries much healing for me.

Love and Light.